Frequently Asked Questions

You say you're distributing 10,000 $5 bills but you've only given away 1078 so far. What's up with that?
Giving away money is surprisingly hard. Unless you're making it rain (lame), handing out 10,000 individual $5 bills takes time. We are also self-funded and the $$5390 given away so far is 100% out-of-pocket. Support Us?
Why is Descendents of Abe launching an NFT project in a bear market, recession, no royalties or whatever the next backhand is by OpenSea or Blur?
Descendents of Abe is not just an NFT project. It started as an NFT project and has grown into a global Where's Waldo?™ of sorts. (Please don't sue me DreamWorks) If NFTs went away tomorrow, there would still be thousands of FOUNDABE bills circulating the globe waiting to be found.
How many Descendents of Abe will be a part of the NFT collection?
There will be 10,000 generated. After the first 10,000 are distributed, no more will be minted.
How many traits are being incorporated into the NFT project?
There are over 100 aesthetic traits which are randomized and assigned to each Descendent of Abe.
What is the mint price for a Descendent of Abe?
The mint price for a Descendent of Abe will be determined closer to the mint date but most likely somewhere around 0.01 ETH. If you are holding a "Found Abe Mint Pass", a "Give with Abe Token" or any AbeGives NFT you will be allowed to mint (1) Descendent of Abe for FREE.
Where is the contract for the Found Abe Mint Pass?
Etherscan contract link
What are Honorary Abes?
Honorary Abes are special a One of One NFT given to people in the NFT community that have made a significant impact on Abe. These are not a part of the 10,000 Descendents of Abe collection.
Why is the project spelled Descendents instead of Descendants?
We prefer the less commonly used spelling, and of course one of the greatest punk bands of all-time.
What is a "Found Abe Supporter"?
A Found Abe Supporter is one who holds a Give with Abe NFT and is a way for you to help support the project. They are priced at 0.005 ETH which is approximately $5 USD.
If you purchase one of these supporter NFTs, a real $5 bill will be distributed (given away).
This is a 1:1 pass-through to help get all 10,000 FOUNDABE bills out into the public's hands.
What benefits are there to being a "Found Abe Supporter" other than just helping the project?
If you become a Found Abe Supporter, you will be able to mint a Descendents of Abe NFT for FREE.
What is a "Found Abe Mint Pass"?
The Found Abe Mint Pass is an NFT that allows the holder to mint a Descendents of Abe for FREE, plus guarantees the holder a 24 hour window to mint a Descendent of Abe before the mint is open to the public.
How do I acquire a Found Abe Mint Pass?
The Found Abe Mint Pass can be acquired only two ways; Finding a real US five dollar bill with a "FOUNDABE.COM" stamp or purchasing one off the secondary market like OpenSea
I claimed my Found Abe Mint Pass but I do not see it in my wallet
You may have to look in your hidden section. Some secondary markets like OpenSea automatically hide "airdropped" NFTs. On Opensea, Click on the ... of the NFT and select Unhide in the menu, then Unhide button at the bottom of the page.
What benefits come with holding a "Found Abe Mint Pass"?
In addition to being able to mint one FREE Descendent of Abe, the Found Abe Mint Pass will give you access to all future mints under both the Descendents project umbrella and other select collab. project's collections for FREE
Why is the Found Abe Mint Pass airdropped instead of minted on the Descendents of Abe website?
An important aspect of this project was to create a process of giving the bill finder a completely FREE NFT. By airdropping the mint pass we are able to incur the “gas” cost rather than the bill finder.
How many real US five dollar bills are going to be distributed?
There will be 10,000 bills given away to the general public. Most bills will be given as tips to baristas, bartenders, buskers, the less fortunate and anyone else that could use free cash! Other will be hidden and posted on TikTok and Instagram for a real world scavenger hunt
How many bills will be distributed before the mint?
We are waiting until there is full support before we mint. The mint traits rely on the 10,000 $5 bills being distributed ahead of time. We are counting on supporters to help bring Descendents of Abe to fruition.
I have coinbase account but I don't have a crypto wallet. Can I receive my Found Abe Mint Pass?
'No. You will need to have a crypto wallet to connect to our site to receive your mint pass. What is a crypto wallet?