All about the Benjamins? Uh uh.

At Descendents of Abe, We're using Lincolns to bring our mission to life — support people, and those who support people.

We're giving away 10,000 $5 bills around the United States, with each serial number directly connected to a unique Descendent of Abe NFT that can be claimed at

Whether you're a delivery driver, a bartender, an entertainment provider, or just someone who needs some help, our goal is not just to give you $5, but to give you a chance to join a movement.

Descendents of Abe has fully minted out
Buy on a Descendents of Abe NFT on the secondary market.

These bills are traveling around the world, and only the curious will find them. Check your pockets. Keep an eye out when you get change.

Finding a "FoundAbe" $5 bill is a rarity. But you can also find some clues on TikTok and Instagram.

And when you find a "FoundAbe" $5 bill, you can Claim it by entering the Series Number on the back and Serial Number found on the front.
Each "FoundAbe" $5 bill can only be claimed once, and details specific to the bill are used as characteristics in the Descendents of Abe NFT. For example, if a bill was born in New York in 2013, those two traits will be used in the NFT.
Ready to Claim, Just connect your Ethereum wallet, and either a Found Abe NFT Mint Pass or Descendents of Abe NFT will be airdropped to your wallet at no cost while supplies last.
Contact @AbeGives on Twitter to collect.
Spend the $5 or pay it forward and give it away!
Remember, once the bill is claimed for an NFT, it can’t be claimed again.

Descendents of Abe is a unique 10,000 PFP NFT project. The collection consists of over 100 different traits. Each NFT's metadata corresponds directly to the 10,000 $5 bills as they are given away.

Check out Mint Example Bill and Supporter Traits

While this collection is strictly a PFP, you’ll own all IP associated to your token as long as it lives in your wallet.

If you own an Abe Gives project NFT like a "Found Abe Mint Pass" or a "Give With Abe" Supporter Token or a Federal Deserve Note, you will be able to mint a Descendent of Abe for free while supplies last.

A "Give With Abe" Supporter Token is one way for you to help support the project. Priced at 0.005 ETH (~$5 USD), a "Found Abe" $5 bill will be given away for each purchase.

We committed to giving away 1000 ($5000) "FoundAbe" $5 bills. We need your help to give away the remaining 9000 bills. Descendents of Abe is not a for-profit project. The funds from all purchases will be reinvested into seeing this project through.

There are currently 9 supporters with a total of 30 supporter tokens purchased between them. Thank you!
The Numbers
$5390 given away
1078 bills distributed10.78% distributed
126 found11.69% of distributed
37 claimed3.43% of distributed
Last found onJul 2, 2024, 8:05 AM
9 supportersown a found abe supporter token
30 supporter tokens owned0.33% of supply